The FX 750 Crosskart is in Development

RiskTaker Products is constantly designing and coming up with new products specifically for the cross kart industry and enthusiasts. With our ability to Design, rapid prototype and CNC machine in-house custom crosskarts, we will assure that you will be happy with our American Made Products.

The new FX750 crosskart, a bare bones chassis that will be available 3 ways: fully welded, pre-bent kit with drawings in case you screw up, and a digital downloadable version with all CAD AND Bend-Tech files, along with printable drawings, material list, and cut wrappers for all the #RiskTakers who can do it themselves.

All will be budget friendly priced no matter what you decide! I’m working as much and as fast as I can to get these out, so if all goes good, they should be available in the next week or so. ALL CHASSIS KITS SHOULD BE WELDED BY A PROFESSIONAL OR CERTIFIED WELDER YOU CAN TRUST.